Jan 30, 2010

Bleeding Earth - This Razor Blade Is Made For Me

"I have a cousin who is thirteen years old and this is her story..."

Lyrics to This Razor Blade is Made for Me :

'I don't really like You'

He was playing X-box
When I phoned him
We talked all night lone
He was hypnotized by my husky voice and
Fixed thy date at seven in thy morning
At thy soccer ground

Here came thy chilly morning
He went out from home
I couldn't make out
Cause I had my school
I should've told him but I forgot

He was waiting for me to come
Watching soccer
Getting bored
Sending texts
Making call on my cell
His call couldn't make out
To my cell neither thy text cause
He gotta wrong number

I send him an apology text
We started chatting on thy cell 'till
We've agreed to have a date at six pm

About to tick six
"So damn nervous
Don't know what to wear
Should I try this
Should I try that
Should I try that
Should I try this
Damn confused
Please somebody help me out
Help me out

Finally I went to a date
He took me to thy coffee shop
I was shaking from thy inside
I gave him a goodbye kiss
When we separated on thy crossroad

I went home with a strange feeling
He phoned me,
"You're not a virgin. I don't love you anymore..."
It hurt my heart
I regret thy kiss we had
I cut my wrist by thy razor blade
This razor blade is made for me

I think he is a playboy but
Thy facts that make him no playboy

He is a virgin
He never ever has a girlfriend
He never uses playboy perfume
He doesn't have even a single copy of playboy magazine

Jan 7, 2010

Bleeding Earth - It's Not You It's Me

"This lyrics just popped out on my mind without any reason..."

Lyrics to It's Not You It's Me:

Something has been taken
From deep inside of me
I don't know
Will I
Get back that something
I hope I will
This isn't what I wanted to be

I was so damn dumb
That I put my trust into you
I have no idea
What you are changing me into
Let me take back my life
I'm so sick and tired of being a
Slave for you

I need you to stay away from me
I don't need you anymore
Just give me myself back
I'd rather be all alone
All alone

I look in thy mirror
It's not reflecting me
But somebody else
Wish I could find thy way to disappear

I don't like thy way you kiss
It tastes so fucking sick
I don't like thy way you hug
It squeezes me so fucking tight
You try to take thy best of me
Best of me
I won't waste myself on you

My life is so much better
Than It was
Before you came