Jan 7, 2010

Bleeding Earth - It's Not You It's Me

"This lyrics just popped out on my mind without any reason..."

Lyrics to It's Not You It's Me:

Something has been taken
From deep inside of me
I don't know
Will I
Get back that something
I hope I will
This isn't what I wanted to be

I was so damn dumb
That I put my trust into you
I have no idea
What you are changing me into
Let me take back my life
I'm so sick and tired of being a
Slave for you

I need you to stay away from me
I don't need you anymore
Just give me myself back
I'd rather be all alone
All alone

I look in thy mirror
It's not reflecting me
But somebody else
Wish I could find thy way to disappear

I don't like thy way you kiss
It tastes so fucking sick
I don't like thy way you hug
It squeezes me so fucking tight
You try to take thy best of me
Best of me
I won't waste myself on you

My life is so much better
Than It was
Before you came

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