Apr 23, 2010

Bleeding Earth - Turn Out Thy Lights And Let Fear In

"It is about a nightmare which I had two days ago ..."

Lyrics to Turn Out Thy Lights And Let Fear In:

Remember thy stories
That you used to hear
All those little stories
That filled you with fear
They told you all things
That you shouldn't do
They said to pay attention
But you refused
But you refused
And then somebody whispers,
"Turn out thy lights,
I wanna meet thy things that go bump
In thy night"

So turn out thy lights
Let's see what happens
Turn out thy lights
Throw caution to thy wind
Let's turn out thy lights
We won't know just what scares us
Unless we begin

Creepy and spooky
Sounds inside thy walls
You can't explain just how you feel
As your flesh begins to crawl
Thy hair stands up
On thy back of your neck
Something's happening
That you already want to forget

Don't you know
Some doors
Should never be opened
It goes to show
What some
Will do
For a thrill

And then thy lights come on
And you are all alone
It was nothing but a dream
You are safe at home

So turn out thy lights
Turn them out again
You turn out thy lights and let fear in
So turn out thy lights and let fear in
So turn out thy lights and let fear in
So turn out thy lights and let fear in

Bleeding Earth - Zombification

"I found it on thy internet, liked it and thought of making it a song..."

Lyrics to Zombification:

"This guide was brought to you
In conjunction with thy zombie awareness council"

In Case of Zombies...

* Zombies exhibit poor spacial
Awareness and are therefore easy to sneak up on.

* Always aim for high ground.
You will be more difficult to eat.

* Never leave a man behind.

* Zombies are slow and dim-witted.
It may be possible to move amongst them undetected.

* Show no mercy.
She is not your mother anymore.

* Firearms make excellent zombie deterrents.
Just remember to aim for thy head.

* Zombies have difficult moving quickly.
It should be easy to outrun them.

* Sporting goods can be handy in a pinch.

* Failure to follow these instructions will
result in death or zombification.

Bleeding Earth - You Were Once

"This one is for all users and abusers..."

Lyrics to You Were Once

I once loved you so much
And for so long
Why did you leave when I did
Nothing wrong

Your smile was once thy sun
On a dark rainy day
It would clear up thy sky
And keep it from being gray

Your eyes were once thy shine
Of thy world's glowing light
Or were they thy twinkling stars
That once filled thy night

Your hands once had power
To give me thy softest touch
They'd always give me a slight tingle
Which is why
I loved them so much

Your hugs were once thy medicine
That'd change a frown to cheer
A shiver would run through my body
Every time I feel your love near

Your kisses were once thy wind
They were fresh and breezy
Against my face
They were gentle so gentle
It's something no one will replace

But now
You like someone else
And it's driving me insane
Although it's over for us
Thy love we had still remains

And so I tell myself
Never again will I cry
You were once everything to me
That I can't deny

But I couldn't keep my promise
And broke out in tears
Thy hours I've cried feel like days
Thy days feel like years

As I bury my face in thy pillow
And cry my heart out and grieve
I've learned to never give away love
If love I don't receive

Bleeding Earth - You Lay To Rest I Will Join You

"I used to have these feelings for somebody..."

Lyrics to You Lay To Rest I Will Join You:

You held my hand swept me away
Took me on a journey to a place far away
You look into my eyes
You looked into my heart
Walked into my soul
Finding thy perfet place to start
You brought thy sun out
When thy moon was high above
Did everything you knew in thy name of love
You lit up thy fire deep in my thoughts
You planted a seed without soil in my heart
You caused a rose to grow
With thorns white as snow
You gave me thy most perfect gift
You knew just by saying
'I love you'

Shall we go somewhere
Through thy trees and move fast and light
Sun spiralling down

Shall we move again
See thy cement no safety
We find ourselves cold

No more movement now
You lay to rest
I will join you
I pray we sleep soft

Bleeding Earth - Two Red Roses Sitting On My Coffin Thy Wind Blows Leaving Thy Only One

"This is me inside..."

Lyrics to Two Red Roses Sitting On My Coffin Thy Wind Blows Leaving Thy Only One:

Two shots of hate
From a mouth
As loud as a gun
Like an assasin
Who does it for fun

Two deafening blows
In a war that's just begun
Life gone away
I am done

Two red roses sitting on my coffin
Thy wind blows
Leaving thy only one
Thy world I know disappears
Like thy setting sun

I'm sick of trying
Tired of crying
Sure I'm smiling
But inside I'm dying
And thy pain that I'm feeling
You will never know
And it hurts me to say that
But it's time for me to go

Bleeding Earth - Trauma

"When you are in too much of pain, you started to see colours so this is all about it..."

Lyrics to Trauma:

This deep beautiful red
Dark cherry drama
Flows and caresses
From within skins trauma

Thy perfect glint
Of silver blade
Carves out new scars
Perfectly made

This pinkish tan
Of tarnished skin
Craves this pain
Let it begins

Thy bluish white
Of each shed tear
Of shame and fear

this thick ugly brown
So hard to hide
thy end result
Of each low tide

the cutter's rainbow
Shared in dark
Each passing day
Leaves it's mark

Bleeding Earth - Piece of Happiness

"Somtimes these kinda things comes on my mind..."

Lyrics Piece of Happiness:

Have you ever watched a movie or a TV show
About someone trying to
Make their dream come true
And asked yourself

Why do they look so happy
Their faces have this indescribable glow
That radiates from deep within their hearts
And can only be captured in that special moment

How does this make them feel this way
There is something in this moment
That only they can feel
And we can only imagine

What does it feel like
If you could ask them this question
They would call it indescribable
And all you can do is take their word for it

Ultimately you end up asking yourself
Why can’t that be me
I ask this question every time
I see moments like this
But I tell myself
Everyone has a chance to do something great
And when my chance comes
I won’t let it pass me by

You have to remember
That all of those characters had to fight
Before they could earn their piece of happiness

Do yourself a favor
Don’t stop fighting
Until you get yours

Bleeding Earth - Perhaps I Need You

"I wrote it when I was 17..."

Lyrics to Perhaps I Need You:

If one day
You feel like crying
Call me
I don't promise you to make you laugh
But I can cry with you
But I can cry with you

If one day
You want to run away
Call me
I don't promise to ask you to stop
But I can run with you
But I can run with you

If one day
You don't want to listen to anybody
Call me
I promise to be there
And I promise to be quiet
And I promise to be quiet

But if one day
You call one
There's no answer
Come and see me
It may be that for once
Perhaps I need you

Bleeding Earth - My Salty Tears

"This one is for all thy lonely hearts..."

Lyrics to My Salty Tears:

It's so cold without you here
Why can you not see I need you
I need your warmth
I need thy love that you gave
Thy waters are
So dark, so lonely without your light
You sail away disappearing before my eyes
Do you even look back for me
Can you see me bobbing alone
Under thy light of thy full moon
I cannot see you anymore
only thy sails of thy cursed ship
That which carries you away
Carries all that is my heart
I feel so empty
My heart ripped from my chest
Thy rain merely mirroring my salty tears
How could they not see that I loved you
That I alone cared for you
How could you let them tear us apart
My heart shatters
Knowing within my soul
You will never return
If I let you leave now
I sing out to you on thy horizen
My song begging you
Do not leave me

Bleeding Earth - I Have No Heart Left For You To Break

"This is thy spirit of me..."

Lyrics to I Have No Heart Left For You To Break:

'If you promise to be in my dreams
I will sleep forever and ever'

You see me coming your way
But you do not want to be seen with me
I am a disgrace you say
But why you keep calling me back

I can not let this go on
I must put an end to it
You say you love me
So show me that love

You have hurt me before
But this time it will be different
Because I have no heart left for you to break
I have no heart left for you to break

Bleeding Earth - I Am Always Dead To You

"This song is dedicated to all of 'em who has been ignored..."

Lyrics to I Am Always Dead To You:

I slowly die inside
From all thy times I have cried
I have cried for you

You look at me with your beautiful eyes
You look right through me
Like I was never alive
I am invisible
I always will be to you
For some reason
I knew I would always
Be like this to you

I wish you were missing me
Like I was missing you
But no matter
What I do
I am always dead to you
Dead to you
Dead to you

Apr 22, 2010

Bleeding Earth - Sleepless

"It is a real me..."

Lyrics to Sleepless:

Every fuzzy line
Must give up to time
Every promise of thy day
Will slip and slowly fade away

Thy great golden eye of thy moon
Watches me awake in my room
It holds thy air with unmurmured sigh
There is no rest not here tonight

All thy dreams beneath my eye
Will paint their tales across thy sky
But through this silent house a creak
I lie away and dream of sleep

Bleeding Earth - See

"This one is for thy heartbreakers..."

Lyrics to See:

I see you out of thy corner of my eye
I see you look at me
I wonder
What is going through your mind
I am in such a desolated state
Now I wonder if you even notice

You look but
Do you see what youve done to me
Do you see what I have become
Do you see what happens
When you toy with a person's emotions

Please tell me you see
Please come and tell me you see
And you are sorry for everything

Show me you care
Show me you want me to be okay
Show me you wish you could take it all back
Or erase yourself from my memory
So I don't notice you
Staring at my way every day

Bleeding Earth - Raison D'etre

"This is my wishlist..."

Lyrics to Raison D'etre:

I don't know
Where I am or why I am here
But it is thy strangest flat
Shade of grey and somehow
You are with me
It feels like
Waking up with touch phobia
And finding spider fingers
Stumbling over skin
And oh God
I don't know
Why I do it but I scream
I scream and scream scream

I hope you fucking bleed
I hope you fucking bleed
I hope you choke on your blood
And spit out teeth
I hope you lose my telephone number
And thy memory of every time
I said your name
Thy sound of my voice
Thy colour of my house
I hope you forget your raison d'etre
Your reason to be

I'm crying and I don't remember
What my last words are
But I know I mean them
I mean them with my spleen
It is thy mother to my anger
And my words are it's children

Bleeding Earth - Proposal

"I wrote it when I was thirteen years old..."

Lyrics to Proposal:

For what can say to you?
A question trembles on my lips
But never falls to thy ground
In your presence
When thou drawest near
My mind shuts down
My hands tremble
I think not and breath not
I only love
How strange it be that words
Stand on thy brink of that divide
How can it be that one word
Holds thy power of my life or death
One word from exhilaration to defeat
It trembles on my lips
It slows in my mind
It thickens thy air with and unseen tension
I open my mouth
It hangs there
Like a water drop on a plant
Then slow as honey,
It falls out

Bleeding Earth - Love Is Our Antidote

"I like this kinda feelings..."

Lyrics ot Love Is Our Antidote:

We real cool
We left school
We lurk late
We strike straight
We sing sin
We thin gin
We jazz june
We die soon

We create a feeling like no other
an emotion only for us to feel
And I hold onto this feeling
with thy intent to never let go
fearing it may slip through my grasp
dreaming time will not dilute us
Because time is a killer
But love is our antidote

Bleeding Earth - Just Because I Smile

"Nowadays all I see is fake smiles so this is all about it..."

Lyrics to Just Because I Smile:

Just because I smile
It doesn’t mean I’m alright
And how do you know
That I won’t cry myself to sleep tonight

I’ve got everybody fooled into
Thinking that I’m strong
So nobody will realise
That there might be something wrong

You will never know
Thy emotions that I feel inside
I bottle them up quickly
And keep pushing them aside

All of thy expectations
All thy pressure and stress
I strive to be perfection
But there are no points for second best

Would you notice if I was hurt
Would anybody really care
I sit there on thy side-lines
Wishing life wasn’t so unfair

Nobody ever notices
That my world is slowly breaking
But I will always put on
These smiles that I’m faking

Bleeding Earth - Jump Jump Jump

"This song is all about thy living creatures of this f**ked up planet called 'Earth'..."

Sitting up here with all of you down there

Thy mass whispered
"Jump Jump Jump"
Into thy arms of them
I shook my head
Didn't want to

Jump Jump Jump
Down into thy mases
Of liars haters abusers users
And everything in between

On thy tallest of thy towers
With persuasion in my ear
Did I deserve to be here
And did they deserve to be there

Jump Jump Jump
Off thy tower of your life
Fall into arms
Of everything that thy world has done

Frightened of thy height
But seeing only shadows
Below I hesitated but fingers
Fingers of persuasion temptation
Pushed me down

Jump Jump Jump
Off thy tower
Down into thy masses
Fall into thy arms
Of everything in between
Thy world and back

Falling falling
Down into thy shadows
Hate filled hearts
Twisting my own damaged fate
Thy hands pull and twist
Thy feeding frenzy persists

Jump Jump Jump
Let your fate fall to ash
Your happiness and thy shadows clash
Twisting apart your emotion

Your soul
Is nothing but food for demons
You have become one of them

Bleeding Earth - In My Hands

"I wrote it for my innerself..."

Lyrics to In My Hands:

In my hands a heart that's bleeding
Needing wanting
A desire forming
Craving for eternal bliss
A heart in my hands
Slipping through the cracks
Falling falling
Forever away
Crushed beneath hope
Faintless life
Cradled in existence
Holding in my hands
Darkness darkness
From fear darkness
From the world around
Encasing destroying
A perfect dream
A perfect love

In my hands all I have
To give to have to love
Perfect world
Falling falling
From fear falling to death
Blood seeping through
In my hands
Time fading fading
Away from
All I see from all I am
Wanting needing desiring
To be with you
To be alive
Realizing I am alone
Hopeless in dreams in life
Wanting love of old and new
Gone gone away from me
Eternal bliss gone

In my hands
A love lost
A life disappeared
A hope destroyed
In my hands
In my hands
In my hands
In my hands
In my hands
In my hands
In my hands

Bleeding Earth - Imminent Detonation

"It just came out on my mind..."

Lyrics to Imminent Detonation:

I thought you broke my heart
Little did I know
You were planting a bomb

If a kiss was a rain drop
I'd send you showers
If a hug was a second
I'd send you hours
If a smile was water
I'd send you a sea
If love was a person
I'd send you me

I thought you broke my heart
Little did I know
You were planting a bomb

All my memories fade away
As I put thy bottle to my lips
And take a sip
Until it's gone
I'm wasted
Done and over

I thought you broke my heart
Little did I know
You were planting a bomb

Bleeding Earth - I Won't Let You Go

"I wrote it as random as I could but it worked in thy end..."

Lyrics to I Won't Let You Go:

A week I had waited
For thy phone to ring
And for thy doctor to tell us
It was all just a dream

Thy night they came in
I was on thy very edge
I knew I should be prepared
For whatever was ahead

Thy way she had looked
When she hung up thy phone
Her eyes were empty
And I felt alone

I knew thy answer
To this horrible question
My mom had cancer
And I have depression

What would happen
If I had to live
Without my hero and mom
Thy results were positive

Who would have thought
That tears had a sound
That pain had a taste
That I could break down

I promise you this
You won't end up dead
'Cause you'll take my life
And you'll live instead

Through all of this
I think you should know
That I love you and I promise
I won't let you go
I won't let you go
I won't let you go

Bleeding Earth - I Still Have Some Tears To Shed

"I wrote this song when I was in grade seven..."

Lyrics to I Still Have Some Tears To Shed:

If I touch a burning candle
I can feel no pain
If you cut me with a knife
It’s all the same
And I feel my heart is aching
Though it doesn’t beat it’s breaking
And thy pain here that I feel
Try and tell me it’s not real
And I know that I am dead
Yet it seems
That I still have some tears to shed

I wonder if they notice
That I haven't felt like rain
In thy longest time
And that even though
I'm around so many people
It never gets better
And I wonder
If they like to see tragedy
Out in thy open
Knowing they caused it

When you're gone
I'd hold thy wind
If I thought
That it would bring you back
I'd drink thy sky in hopes
Thy stars could shine
A little brighter
To lead you home

Bleeding Earth - I Forgive You

"It is inspired by a true event of somebody..."

Lyrics to I Forgive You:

I'm sorry for what I did to you
All I said it wasn't true
I crushed you and you never deserved
What it was that you heard

You were thy first one I fell for
I loved you then but there is more
You understood me
Through that time
But when I broke your heart you lied

You told me it was all pretend
From thy beginning to thy end
But I knew it wasn't true
Because I knew thy real you

Like me you were misunderstood
I planned to tell you but before I could
You disapeared
You moved away
And still to this very day
I dream on meeting you again
One more time so I can say
Just three little words
Only three words that will set me free

Nothing very complicated
Now here they are
Plainly stated
I want you to know
No matter what we've been through
I want you to know
I forgive you
I forgive you
I forgive you
I forgive you
I forgive you

Bleeding Earth - Being In Love

"This is something came from my heart..."

Lyrics to Being In Love :

One look, one touch, one kiss
Thinking how could she lose this
Thy person she did love and need
Her death was something
He couldnt concede

Knowing she wouldnt last long
Taking her life was something
She didnt get wrong
Loving thy way he looked at her made her blush
Sleeping with him was something they didnt rush

Giving him her all, Giving him everything
Was it a mistake that he proposed to her with that ring
She realised in love with him wasnt how she pictured in her dream
Things were worse than they did seem

He wasnt in love with her which thy whole time he knew
Lying when he said baby i love you
Believing that what he spoke was true
Was her biggest downfall all thy way through

Laying on their bed
So many tiny crystal tears she did shed
Thinking things through and through in her head
Asking why do I live if I live to die
More and more tears she does cry

Taking out her shiny silver toy
Screaming now he will bring thy final time of joy
Upon her wrist she makes thy one final mark
Going up along her bright blue vein
Wishing he would love her just once again

Tears mixing with thy blood as she just lies here
Slowly she is dying as she realises no one is near
Hoping she achieved his worst fear
Of coming home and finding her gone

This day was thy worst when we came home
Finding her like we did all I did was blame
For that now I feel nothing but shame

Those were his words exactly as she heard
Hearing this she realised she was free no more a muttered word
Those three words she realised were not enough to be true
She whispers in his ear baby i still will protect you
Leaving this place her spirit goes confused on what to do

Bleeding Earth - Always Alone

"This is me representing me..."

Lyrics to Always Alone:

Always alone
In thy shadow of thy day
What's left in your soul
Became totally grey

Thy tree's will shiver
Thy leafs will fall
Most of them will die
Eventually they will all

Every war
Will only lend
Thy same black darkness
A horrible bloodfull end

In thy deepest hatred
Thy faraway core
Thy darkness will spread
He only wants more

Your trapped in a wall
Made of hard stone
You will be there forever
In that same crying lone

Apr 16, 2010

Bleeding Earth - Boys Suck

"This is a conversation between guys..."

Lyrics to Boys Suck :

"I dream about sex
When I wake up in thy morning,
I dream about sex
When I go to bed at night."

"Hey! What's Up, Dude?"
"Just broke up with that black bitch."
"What's thy reason?"
"I've got my Ex-girlfriend back again."
"You're Ex is way too better than that black pussy.
You did a right thing."
"Yeah! My Ex is a dope."
"You didn't break-up without sex, Did you?"
"We had couple of times. There's gonna be no relationship without sex."
"Boys fall in love to have sex."
"They don't really fall; they just pretend to have sex."

"Look! Who's coming...Prince Charming...What's Up, Dude?"
"I went to a dance party, fucked a brand new girl."
"What's thy story, Dude?"
"She was dancing around with a smoke on hand.
I walked around with a drink on hand.
We went to a motel after a party."
"How many times did you make out?"
"Thirteen times and she's gotta hairy pussy."
"I wonder why don't girls shave their pussy."

"Look! Who's coming...virgin Hunter...What's Up, Dude?"
"Yesterday, I fucked fifteen years old virgin.
Blood was all over thy bed cover as well as on my dick.
She was screaming to thy core.
Virgin is thy best; No-Disease, Tight-Pussy, Pure-Pleasure."
"But it's hard to find out virgins. Do you have anyone on your contact?"
"I have some of 'em. But your turn will come after breaking their virginity from me.
Wait your turn."

"Look! Who's coming...Pimples King...What's Up, Dude?"
"I'm having sex with your school's girlfriend."
"You can have her. I've fucked her lots of times.
Infact, I'm thy one who broke her virginity."
"Do you still remember her?"
"Yes, I do, when I jerk off."
"I saw your girl walking down thy street. She's so damn ugly."
"Who cares about that looks. Cover thy face, Fuck the best."
"I dumped that that tall-skinny-bitch with a mole on her ass.
Sick and tired of fucking that same pussy over and over again."

"Look! Who's coming...Bully...What's Up, Dude?"
"I went to a party last night. There were four drunk girls lying on thy couch.
I squeezed their boobs and put my finger into their pussy.
They were too drunk to feel it. One was not wearing panty."
"All thy girls in a night dance party are whores.
If a girl is not a whore, she doesn't come to a night party."
"Do you remember a bitch, who happens to be a prom queen of this year.
I've dumped her 'cause she didn't let me fuck."
"When a girl wants to have sex, it takes six seconds.
when a guy wants to have sex, it takes six year."

"Look! Who's coming...Nerd...What's Up, Dude?"
"I'm getting married this month."
"what a dumbass! You can get girlfriends to fuck.
If they're not available when you are in need then you can go for call girls.
They're available 24/7. Girls are nothing but one hole and two pounds of muscle.
Why thy fuck marry?"
'There are lots of things in this life beside sex."
"Plus, when we get marry, we can fuck for free"

Bleeding Earth - Stay Away I Warned You

"I wrote this song for myself because I am a disaster for real..."

Lyrics to Stay Away I Warned You:

Everything I touch
Seems to get ruined
Spoiled sour with thy smell of rancid meat
If you trully listen
You would heed my warnings
Run little sheep before you recieve a horrible fate
Dont let my words draw you in
My alluring looks
Please don't be brain washed within this tragic trap
A cruel being like me
Stalking and preying on your insecurities
I really don't want to half thy time
But thy way you come so easily
Makes me want to play with you more
Leading you into my razored claws
Gripping thy soft wool and never letting go
That is till thy blood has completely
Flowed free of thy husk that you remain
Eyes rolling back into your head
No more games because
You're finally dead
Oh! How I will miss you, dear
Broken play thing
But its on to thy next victim sweet heart
It is only nature
Do not blame me
For your trusting mistake

Bleeding Earth - This One Is For Thy Kid

"This song is dedicated to all thy emos all around thy world..."

Lyrics to This One Is For Thy Kid:

This one is for thy kid
Who has never
Had a second chance
Who has never
Heard thy word 'Friend'
And who has never
Been happy

This is for thy kid
Who does not
Understand reality
But understands fantasy

This one is for thy kid
Who does not know
Where to find love
But knows
What it's like to have a family

This one is for thy kid
Who can not stop bleeding
But knows
How to patch herself up

This one is for thy kid
Who has never
Seen a shooting star
But Knows
They exist

This one is for thy kid
Who can not get a break
But Knows
When to stop

This ones for thy kid
Who has never
Shed a tear in front of anybody
But knows
Why her pillow is wet at night

This one is for thy kid
Who will listen to a guitar playing
And write her own lyrics

This one is for thy kid
Who thinks about Death
But knows
That it's not worth it

Apr 10, 2010

Bleeding Earth - Failed Dreams

"I've composed this song at 2:00 am"

Lyrics to Failed Dreams:

I always
Dream of you pondering
Did you dream of me too
Wanted you to be
Next to me
For thy rest of our lives

We had something great
That you through it away

We can not
Get back what we have lost
You betrayed me
I won't play this game
So why do i feel
That it's me to blame

We had something great
That you through it away

I was
Weak with thy thought
That something would go wrong
Because our love was so strong
For so long
I thought what we had was real

We had something great
That you through it away

I did not
Think my life could be altered
Your betrayal was thy reason
My life changed
Falling away you lost me

We had something great
That you through it away
Don't say one word
We had something great
That you through it away
Sit there in silence
We had something great
That you through it away

Apr 3, 2010

Bleeding Earth - Hurt Turns Into Hate

"I just love creating these kind of lyrics..."

Lyrics to Hurt Turns Into Hate:

"You're like a silk dream of a tall flowers... and
You're just standing there behind 'em...
Looking at me smiling..."

I'm writing this song sitting on
This very couch
Where we used to make love

Thy shock bleeds
Thy red from my face
When I hear someone's taken my place
How could love be
So thoughtless... so cruel...

Thanks for acting like
I was thy only one
All I wanted was you
You said you'd never let me down
I never thought
This day would come
Never ever...
Even in my dreams
A big hole in my chest is getting
Bigger and Bigger
Day by day... Night by night...
Look, what you've done to me
Realize, what you've done to me

You were my shoulder to cry on
I never knew
You were cheating on me
Now I knew
What a fool I've been
I'm losing my passion for life
You wanna see me eaten by dinosour
Well, so do I... so do I...
There's only one thing on my mind
And that's : Suicide
I'm gonna die with holding
Your dead body
In my hand

Today, I realize
You were my biggest mistake ever
I regret thy tears that I've cried for you
You don't deserve my priceless tears
You suck... Fuck you...
I had enough of this
You thought...
I never make it out of life
Guess What...
I am still breathing
I've heard that you've had an accident and
Lost your left arm
That's great 'cause
That's what you fucking deserve
You shouldn't exist in this mother fucking universe
You're just another useless mother fucking cunt

Tonight is thy night...
I burn all your pictures
Along with your memory
I wanna see you turn into ashes
I'm damn sure that your memory won't bother me 'cause
I've locked your memories and
Threw away thy keys

Apr 1, 2010

Bleeding Earth - I Damn You

"I just love to play with thy words... So this song is thy result of it..."

Lyrics to I Damn You :

I break you and I glue you
I love you and I hate you
I kill you and I save you
I hurt you and I cure you
I tie you and I free you
I curse you and I help you
I tear you and I sew you
I ignore you and I feel you
I drown you and I rescue you
I destroy you and I heal you
I eat you and I shit you
I drink you and I pee you
I attack you and I defeat you
I forget you and I miss you
I fuck you and I suck you

I cum you
I bury you
I freeze you
I taste you
I breathe you
I sing you
I shoot you
I melt you
I scream you
I burn you
I cook you
I smoke you
I fail you
I trap you
I fight you
I humiliate you
I kick you
I lick you
I pinch you
I puke you
I rape you
I spit you
I slit you
I abuse you
I bother you
I haunt you
I hang you
I hunt you
I damn you