Apr 22, 2010

Bleeding Earth - Being In Love

"This is something came from my heart..."

Lyrics to Being In Love :

One look, one touch, one kiss
Thinking how could she lose this
Thy person she did love and need
Her death was something
He couldnt concede

Knowing she wouldnt last long
Taking her life was something
She didnt get wrong
Loving thy way he looked at her made her blush
Sleeping with him was something they didnt rush

Giving him her all, Giving him everything
Was it a mistake that he proposed to her with that ring
She realised in love with him wasnt how she pictured in her dream
Things were worse than they did seem

He wasnt in love with her which thy whole time he knew
Lying when he said baby i love you
Believing that what he spoke was true
Was her biggest downfall all thy way through

Laying on their bed
So many tiny crystal tears she did shed
Thinking things through and through in her head
Asking why do I live if I live to die
More and more tears she does cry

Taking out her shiny silver toy
Screaming now he will bring thy final time of joy
Upon her wrist she makes thy one final mark
Going up along her bright blue vein
Wishing he would love her just once again

Tears mixing with thy blood as she just lies here
Slowly she is dying as she realises no one is near
Hoping she achieved his worst fear
Of coming home and finding her gone

This day was thy worst when we came home
Finding her like we did all I did was blame
For that now I feel nothing but shame

Those were his words exactly as she heard
Hearing this she realised she was free no more a muttered word
Those three words she realised were not enough to be true
She whispers in his ear baby i still will protect you
Leaving this place her spirit goes confused on what to do

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