Apr 16, 2010

Bleeding Earth - Boys Suck

"This is a conversation between guys..."

Lyrics to Boys Suck :

"I dream about sex
When I wake up in thy morning,
I dream about sex
When I go to bed at night."

"Hey! What's Up, Dude?"
"Just broke up with that black bitch."
"What's thy reason?"
"I've got my Ex-girlfriend back again."
"You're Ex is way too better than that black pussy.
You did a right thing."
"Yeah! My Ex is a dope."
"You didn't break-up without sex, Did you?"
"We had couple of times. There's gonna be no relationship without sex."
"Boys fall in love to have sex."
"They don't really fall; they just pretend to have sex."

"Look! Who's coming...Prince Charming...What's Up, Dude?"
"I went to a dance party, fucked a brand new girl."
"What's thy story, Dude?"
"She was dancing around with a smoke on hand.
I walked around with a drink on hand.
We went to a motel after a party."
"How many times did you make out?"
"Thirteen times and she's gotta hairy pussy."
"I wonder why don't girls shave their pussy."

"Look! Who's coming...virgin Hunter...What's Up, Dude?"
"Yesterday, I fucked fifteen years old virgin.
Blood was all over thy bed cover as well as on my dick.
She was screaming to thy core.
Virgin is thy best; No-Disease, Tight-Pussy, Pure-Pleasure."
"But it's hard to find out virgins. Do you have anyone on your contact?"
"I have some of 'em. But your turn will come after breaking their virginity from me.
Wait your turn."

"Look! Who's coming...Pimples King...What's Up, Dude?"
"I'm having sex with your school's girlfriend."
"You can have her. I've fucked her lots of times.
Infact, I'm thy one who broke her virginity."
"Do you still remember her?"
"Yes, I do, when I jerk off."
"I saw your girl walking down thy street. She's so damn ugly."
"Who cares about that looks. Cover thy face, Fuck the best."
"I dumped that that tall-skinny-bitch with a mole on her ass.
Sick and tired of fucking that same pussy over and over again."

"Look! Who's coming...Bully...What's Up, Dude?"
"I went to a party last night. There were four drunk girls lying on thy couch.
I squeezed their boobs and put my finger into their pussy.
They were too drunk to feel it. One was not wearing panty."
"All thy girls in a night dance party are whores.
If a girl is not a whore, she doesn't come to a night party."
"Do you remember a bitch, who happens to be a prom queen of this year.
I've dumped her 'cause she didn't let me fuck."
"When a girl wants to have sex, it takes six seconds.
when a guy wants to have sex, it takes six year."

"Look! Who's coming...Nerd...What's Up, Dude?"
"I'm getting married this month."
"what a dumbass! You can get girlfriends to fuck.
If they're not available when you are in need then you can go for call girls.
They're available 24/7. Girls are nothing but one hole and two pounds of muscle.
Why thy fuck marry?"
'There are lots of things in this life beside sex."
"Plus, when we get marry, we can fuck for free"

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