Apr 3, 2010

Bleeding Earth - Hurt Turns Into Hate

"I just love creating these kind of lyrics..."

Lyrics to Hurt Turns Into Hate:

"You're like a silk dream of a tall flowers... and
You're just standing there behind 'em...
Looking at me smiling..."

I'm writing this song sitting on
This very couch
Where we used to make love

Thy shock bleeds
Thy red from my face
When I hear someone's taken my place
How could love be
So thoughtless... so cruel...

Thanks for acting like
I was thy only one
All I wanted was you
You said you'd never let me down
I never thought
This day would come
Never ever...
Even in my dreams
A big hole in my chest is getting
Bigger and Bigger
Day by day... Night by night...
Look, what you've done to me
Realize, what you've done to me

You were my shoulder to cry on
I never knew
You were cheating on me
Now I knew
What a fool I've been
I'm losing my passion for life
You wanna see me eaten by dinosour
Well, so do I... so do I...
There's only one thing on my mind
And that's : Suicide
I'm gonna die with holding
Your dead body
In my hand

Today, I realize
You were my biggest mistake ever
I regret thy tears that I've cried for you
You don't deserve my priceless tears
You suck... Fuck you...
I had enough of this
You thought...
I never make it out of life
Guess What...
I am still breathing
I've heard that you've had an accident and
Lost your left arm
That's great 'cause
That's what you fucking deserve
You shouldn't exist in this mother fucking universe
You're just another useless mother fucking cunt

Tonight is thy night...
I burn all your pictures
Along with your memory
I wanna see you turn into ashes
I'm damn sure that your memory won't bother me 'cause
I've locked your memories and
Threw away thy keys

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