Apr 22, 2010

Bleeding Earth - I Forgive You

"It is inspired by a true event of somebody..."

Lyrics to I Forgive You:

I'm sorry for what I did to you
All I said it wasn't true
I crushed you and you never deserved
What it was that you heard

You were thy first one I fell for
I loved you then but there is more
You understood me
Through that time
But when I broke your heart you lied

You told me it was all pretend
From thy beginning to thy end
But I knew it wasn't true
Because I knew thy real you

Like me you were misunderstood
I planned to tell you but before I could
You disapeared
You moved away
And still to this very day
I dream on meeting you again
One more time so I can say
Just three little words
Only three words that will set me free

Nothing very complicated
Now here they are
Plainly stated
I want you to know
No matter what we've been through
I want you to know
I forgive you
I forgive you
I forgive you
I forgive you
I forgive you

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