Apr 22, 2010

Bleeding Earth - I Won't Let You Go

"I wrote it as random as I could but it worked in thy end..."

Lyrics to I Won't Let You Go:

A week I had waited
For thy phone to ring
And for thy doctor to tell us
It was all just a dream

Thy night they came in
I was on thy very edge
I knew I should be prepared
For whatever was ahead

Thy way she had looked
When she hung up thy phone
Her eyes were empty
And I felt alone

I knew thy answer
To this horrible question
My mom had cancer
And I have depression

What would happen
If I had to live
Without my hero and mom
Thy results were positive

Who would have thought
That tears had a sound
That pain had a taste
That I could break down

I promise you this
You won't end up dead
'Cause you'll take my life
And you'll live instead

Through all of this
I think you should know
That I love you and I promise
I won't let you go
I won't let you go
I won't let you go

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