Apr 22, 2010

Bleeding Earth - In My Hands

"I wrote it for my innerself..."

Lyrics to In My Hands:

In my hands a heart that's bleeding
Needing wanting
A desire forming
Craving for eternal bliss
A heart in my hands
Slipping through the cracks
Falling falling
Forever away
Crushed beneath hope
Faintless life
Cradled in existence
Holding in my hands
Darkness darkness
From fear darkness
From the world around
Encasing destroying
A perfect dream
A perfect love

In my hands all I have
To give to have to love
Perfect world
Falling falling
From fear falling to death
Blood seeping through
In my hands
Time fading fading
Away from
All I see from all I am
Wanting needing desiring
To be with you
To be alive
Realizing I am alone
Hopeless in dreams in life
Wanting love of old and new
Gone gone away from me
Eternal bliss gone

In my hands
A love lost
A life disappeared
A hope destroyed
In my hands
In my hands
In my hands
In my hands
In my hands
In my hands
In my hands

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