Apr 22, 2010

Bleeding Earth - Jump Jump Jump

"This song is all about thy living creatures of this f**ked up planet called 'Earth'..."

Sitting up here with all of you down there

Thy mass whispered
"Jump Jump Jump"
Into thy arms of them
I shook my head
Didn't want to

Jump Jump Jump
Down into thy mases
Of liars haters abusers users
And everything in between

On thy tallest of thy towers
With persuasion in my ear
Did I deserve to be here
And did they deserve to be there

Jump Jump Jump
Off thy tower of your life
Fall into arms
Of everything that thy world has done

Frightened of thy height
But seeing only shadows
Below I hesitated but fingers
Fingers of persuasion temptation
Pushed me down

Jump Jump Jump
Off thy tower
Down into thy masses
Fall into thy arms
Of everything in between
Thy world and back

Falling falling
Down into thy shadows
Hate filled hearts
Twisting my own damaged fate
Thy hands pull and twist
Thy feeding frenzy persists

Jump Jump Jump
Let your fate fall to ash
Your happiness and thy shadows clash
Twisting apart your emotion

Your soul
Is nothing but food for demons
You have become one of them

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