Apr 22, 2010

Bleeding Earth - Just Because I Smile

"Nowadays all I see is fake smiles so this is all about it..."

Lyrics to Just Because I Smile:

Just because I smile
It doesn’t mean I’m alright
And how do you know
That I won’t cry myself to sleep tonight

I’ve got everybody fooled into
Thinking that I’m strong
So nobody will realise
That there might be something wrong

You will never know
Thy emotions that I feel inside
I bottle them up quickly
And keep pushing them aside

All of thy expectations
All thy pressure and stress
I strive to be perfection
But there are no points for second best

Would you notice if I was hurt
Would anybody really care
I sit there on thy side-lines
Wishing life wasn’t so unfair

Nobody ever notices
That my world is slowly breaking
But I will always put on
These smiles that I’m faking

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