Apr 23, 2010

Bleeding Earth - My Salty Tears

"This one is for all thy lonely hearts..."

Lyrics to My Salty Tears:

It's so cold without you here
Why can you not see I need you
I need your warmth
I need thy love that you gave
Thy waters are
So dark, so lonely without your light
You sail away disappearing before my eyes
Do you even look back for me
Can you see me bobbing alone
Under thy light of thy full moon
I cannot see you anymore
only thy sails of thy cursed ship
That which carries you away
Carries all that is my heart
I feel so empty
My heart ripped from my chest
Thy rain merely mirroring my salty tears
How could they not see that I loved you
That I alone cared for you
How could you let them tear us apart
My heart shatters
Knowing within my soul
You will never return
If I let you leave now
I sing out to you on thy horizen
My song begging you
Do not leave me

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