Apr 22, 2010

Bleeding Earth - Raison D'etre

"This is my wishlist..."

Lyrics to Raison D'etre:

I don't know
Where I am or why I am here
But it is thy strangest flat
Shade of grey and somehow
You are with me
It feels like
Waking up with touch phobia
And finding spider fingers
Stumbling over skin
And oh God
I don't know
Why I do it but I scream
I scream and scream scream

I hope you fucking bleed
I hope you fucking bleed
I hope you choke on your blood
And spit out teeth
I hope you lose my telephone number
And thy memory of every time
I said your name
Thy sound of my voice
Thy colour of my house
I hope you forget your raison d'etre
Your reason to be

I'm crying and I don't remember
What my last words are
But I know I mean them
I mean them with my spleen
It is thy mother to my anger
And my words are it's children

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