Apr 16, 2010

Bleeding Earth - Stay Away I Warned You

"I wrote this song for myself because I am a disaster for real..."

Lyrics to Stay Away I Warned You:

Everything I touch
Seems to get ruined
Spoiled sour with thy smell of rancid meat
If you trully listen
You would heed my warnings
Run little sheep before you recieve a horrible fate
Dont let my words draw you in
My alluring looks
Please don't be brain washed within this tragic trap
A cruel being like me
Stalking and preying on your insecurities
I really don't want to half thy time
But thy way you come so easily
Makes me want to play with you more
Leading you into my razored claws
Gripping thy soft wool and never letting go
That is till thy blood has completely
Flowed free of thy husk that you remain
Eyes rolling back into your head
No more games because
You're finally dead
Oh! How I will miss you, dear
Broken play thing
But its on to thy next victim sweet heart
It is only nature
Do not blame me
For your trusting mistake

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