Apr 23, 2010

Bleeding Earth - You Lay To Rest I Will Join You

"I used to have these feelings for somebody..."

Lyrics to You Lay To Rest I Will Join You:

You held my hand swept me away
Took me on a journey to a place far away
You look into my eyes
You looked into my heart
Walked into my soul
Finding thy perfet place to start
You brought thy sun out
When thy moon was high above
Did everything you knew in thy name of love
You lit up thy fire deep in my thoughts
You planted a seed without soil in my heart
You caused a rose to grow
With thorns white as snow
You gave me thy most perfect gift
You knew just by saying
'I love you'

Shall we go somewhere
Through thy trees and move fast and light
Sun spiralling down

Shall we move again
See thy cement no safety
We find ourselves cold

No more movement now
You lay to rest
I will join you
I pray we sleep soft

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