Apr 23, 2010

Bleeding Earth - Zombification

"I found it on thy internet, liked it and thought of making it a song..."

Lyrics to Zombification:

"This guide was brought to you
In conjunction with thy zombie awareness council"

In Case of Zombies...

* Zombies exhibit poor spacial
Awareness and are therefore easy to sneak up on.

* Always aim for high ground.
You will be more difficult to eat.

* Never leave a man behind.

* Zombies are slow and dim-witted.
It may be possible to move amongst them undetected.

* Show no mercy.
She is not your mother anymore.

* Firearms make excellent zombie deterrents.
Just remember to aim for thy head.

* Zombies have difficult moving quickly.
It should be easy to outrun them.

* Sporting goods can be handy in a pinch.

* Failure to follow these instructions will
result in death or zombification.

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