Sep 12, 2011

Bleeding Earth - Messed Up Life

The concept of this art is 'messed up life with messed up hair'.At first 'Sleep Tight With A Knife' was the title of this song but later it has changed into 'Messed Up Life'

Lyrics to Messed Up Life:

Tears washes thy scars that
You have left on my heart

Don't have thy
Will to live
But still I'm breathing
Waiting for you
Waiting for you

Thy scars
That you've left that's the only reason
To live
To live
Can't see thy happiness
Even in the miles away

You did not think neither did I we've just
Moved on and on and on and on and on
Thy feeling we had for each other when and how
We don't even know
We don't even know
We don't even know when and how it all took place
And now you're gone
Now you're gone
Everything seems to be from thy
Another planet
Everyone seems to be an alien
Seems like nothing belongs to me

Tears washes
Thy scars that
You have left
On my heart
Tears washes thy scars that
You have left on my heart

Sleep tight with a knife
It is all that I need

May 14, 2011

Bleeding Earth - Razorblade Romance

"This song is dedicated to all thy emos around the world."

Lyrics to Razorblade Romance:

Here I am
Referring to a blade
Thank the escape it gives
Curse the scars it lets others see
Might have scars all over my body
But what about the one engraved
In my memory

Everytime someone asks me if I'm okay
It's just a reminder that I am not
I'm crying inside
No one knows it but me

I hurt myself on the outside
To try and make an end
To the pain inside of me

Your name looks awesome in red
I said as the razor fell from my hand

Mar 4, 2011

Bleeding Earth - Let Thy Darkness Take Me

"I had this dream last month"

Lyrics to Let Thy Darkness Take Me :

I awake screaming into thy darkness
I search for thy light but I can find none
I stand up and I fell as though
I am drowning in thy inky black darkness
That seems to strangle me
I scream into thy darkness

I see some one
She is looking directly at me
I call out to her but
She turns and walks away
I try to struggle through thy darkness to her
I call out to her again but still
She keeps walking away
Until I can't see her at all
I stop struggling to her
And let thy darkness take me

I'm gone
No one to help me
Then I shut my eyes and let thy last thought
That I will ever have come into focus
One tear trails down my cheek
And then I let go never to see thy light again