Mar 4, 2011

Bleeding Earth - Let Thy Darkness Take Me

"I had this dream last month"

Lyrics to Let Thy Darkness Take Me :

I awake screaming into thy darkness
I search for thy light but I can find none
I stand up and I fell as though
I am drowning in thy inky black darkness
That seems to strangle me
I scream into thy darkness

I see some one
She is looking directly at me
I call out to her but
She turns and walks away
I try to struggle through thy darkness to her
I call out to her again but still
She keeps walking away
Until I can't see her at all
I stop struggling to her
And let thy darkness take me

I'm gone
No one to help me
Then I shut my eyes and let thy last thought
That I will ever have come into focus
One tear trails down my cheek
And then I let go never to see thy light again